A true balance of fashion and function is the core philosophy of our business. Optique offers a carefully selected inventory of frames from the very sleek SwissFlex to the boldly extravagant Isson that serve the dual purpose of optimum performance and looking good.

Optique offers a wide variety of luxury and high-end brands for you to choose from, starting with Benner. Optique has the exclusive right to sell Benner frames in Philadelphia. All of Benner’s stylish and fashion-oriented frames are designed and handmade in Germany. Abstaining from any unethical animal practices, none of their frames are made from leather or horn. There are no robots or machinery involved in making Benner’s frames. As Benner states on their website, their frames are made for the “individualists, not the masses.” Their unique and elegant style is something we’re proud to show off and offer to our clients throughout the greater Philadelphia area on an exclusive basis.

Along with Benner, we also offer a wide ranging selection of high-end and top-tier quality of brands unique to fit the most complex prescription and the most fashionable personality. We have assembled our collection based on attractive design and high quality materials. Our frames are made of only the most durable and reliable materials available. To achieve this, we only work with manufacturers that meet our demanding standard.

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