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When it comes to the quality of your lenses, Optique refuses to compromise.

The latest technological advances in lenses are absolutely essential when it comes to your eyes and your specific prescription. Optique offers the widest variety of the most technologically advanced lenses available today. We work with prominent lens manufacturers such as Essilor, Hoya, Zeiss and Shamir.

Every person has unique visual needs. We provide single-vision lenses equipped with a single prescription and progressive lenses that are designed for your multi-prescription needs. Instead of needing separate pairs of glasses for reading and driving or bifocal lenses which can cause an abrupt change between near and far viewing areas, progressive lenses offer a smooth transition between various viewing distances. They ease eye-strain and provide the most natural vision correction. We also offer an assortment of lens treatments to better protect your eyes. UV protection lenses stop the very harmful damage caused by the sun. Anti-reflection coating on lenses significantly reduces glare that comes from lights and disturb you when you drive at night. Additionally, you will experience less eye-fatigue and headaches that occur when watching TV or using the computer.

Optique specializes in catering to unique and complex prescriptions. Our in-house finishing lab is furnished with advanced equipment. Fabricating glasses on the premises enables us to have greater control over the finishing process. As a result, we have the ability to create completely customized eyewear. Optique’s expertly trained staff will ensure that you are paired with the latest technological advances in lenses. Our licensed and experienced opticians are uniquely qualified to assist you in making the right choice of lenses while taking into account your prescription, lifestyle and cosmetic preferences.

Essilor (Varilux), a Paris based company, is a worldwide leader in the optical industry. With a network of 17 plants and 183 prescription laboratories around the globe, Essilor makes half of all progressive lenses sold in the world.

Since its establishment in 1941 as Japan’s first specialty manufacturer of optical glass, Hoya has earned solid reputation by delivering high-quality products with superior functionality.

Premium eyeglass lenses from Carl Zeiss are the result of more than 150 years of advanced research, innovation and German technology. For decades, the world’s scientists, doctors, researchers and engineers have relied on precision perfect optics from Carl Zeiss

Shamir Optical Industry Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses and molds. It is famous for its Innovation, Technological Sophistication and vigorous Quality Assurance practices.